Also Serving South Burlington, St. Albans, & Jeffersonville, VT

We believe it is not what we do, but how we do it that differentiates us from others. 

We are proud to have earned a 97% retention of our clients year after year. We strive to understand our client as a partner in the management of their insurance, and we have always been their advocate when they need us most - when they have a claim. 

We have proven systems in risk management for some of the most challenging exposures. We collaborate with our client to understand their goals and initiatives and how we can best manage their risk. That collaboration can benefit our client by ensuring the best coverage at the fairest price.

Loss Control

In 1989 HVM was the first Vermont agency to offer Loss Control Services to our clients to assist them with preventing a claim from occurring.

Our Loss Control Team combines state-of-the-art training techniques with a proven track record of loss prevention and cost containment. Our experienced staff will work hand-in-hand with the leadership of your company, as well as your employees, to offer customized, creative solutions to your unique safety needs. Employee safety programs are no longer just about "doing the right thing."